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CSBridge is a non-profit dedicated to Global Computer Science Education


Our approach during the two week summer cOURSE is to INTRODUCE high school STUDENTS to COding using a combination of lectures, lab exercises And small group learning opportunities. The course contents is based on Stanford’s CS106a - methodology of programming.

The course is taught by Stanford lecturers and STUdents who then partner with local Computer science faculty and students at the host university. CSBridge is a collaborative teaching project.

WHY is the course based on Stanford’s CS016A?

Over the last 30 years, Stanford has developed a very effective way of teaching young people how to code. This has not been about a particular programming language or syntax it has been about teaching the next generation of software engineers how to think like programmers: creatively, methodically. CS106A -Methodology of programming has been taught to tens of thousands of university students worldwide and has trained thousands of student instructors.



  • Based on Stanford’s CS106A course

  • A combination of lectures, coding exercises and small group discussions called sections

  • Lectures are taught by Stanford lecturers who partner with local CS faculty at the host university in each country.

What is A section?

  • Each section has at most 10 high school students.

  • Each section has an experienced Section leader who who lectures and supports the students individually throughout the two-week period.

  • Section Leaders are passionate about computer science and serve as great role models to high school students